A quote often attributed to the satirist Dorothy Parker says, “I hate writing, however, I love having written.” With all and sundry doing a little type of writing day by day, whether for work, delight or just posting on social media, these apps can help you get from writing to having written with fewer mistakes.
Grammarly Keyboard

(iOS, Android; unfastened)

Grammarly is used by thousands and thousands of Windows and Mac users international to test their writing for spelling mistakes and improper grammar. Grammarly Keyboard, the mobile offshoot of the laptop version, maintains an eye to your writing no matter which app you are the use of — whether or not it is Facebook, your text messenger or a phrase processor. Grammarly gives corrections as you type and tips for higher utilization.

(iOS, Android; free)

That heavy canine-eared dictionary of years long past through is now a lighter-than-air cellular app. Like print dictionaries, Dictionary.Com gives hundreds of thousands of definitions, synonyms, and antonyms. But not like print dictionaries, it has audio pronunciations for lots of phrases. Because it’s miles continually updated, you will in no way be perplexed — even supposing the word is something new like “binge-watch” or “cryptocurrency.”

(iOS, Android; free)

The stereotype of the writer who works by myself till the job is finished is shattered within the commercial enterprise international. This app’s pleasant characteristic for writers is its collaboration characteristic. In an office putting, you could get early feedback before your work movements up the corporate food chain, in which sloppy errors can kill a challenge or a profession. You can export your work in an expansion of codecs, which include PDF and Microsoft Word documents.
IA Writer

(iOS, $8.Ninety-nine; Android; unfastened)

Many writers’ paintings will in no way see the published page, but it might be studied by using tens of millions. If you are writing for the net, you might be chargeable for coding your replica so it seems with proper headings, ambitious and italic text, blockquotes and extra. IA Writer makes this clean. You will be familiar with Markdown language syntax, which transforms your copy into coded internet textual content. IA Writer consists of a beneficial Markdown guide.
Instagram unveils antibullying characteristic

Instagram has added a brand new antibullying feature it calls Restrict. Comments from every person you put on your Restrict listing won’t appear for your Instagram web page despite the fact that they may be visible to the poster so he or she will be able to now not realize they have been restricted. You can nevertheless see the comment, and if you approve it, the comment will then appear on your Instagram page.
Thumbs up

Are you all thumbs in terms of typing to your smartphones? Good process! A take a look at via Aalto University in Finland and the University of Cambridge in Britain found that the use of each thumb to kind is “significantly faster than using one thumb or index finger.” Overall, human beings can type approximately 70 percent as speedy on a cellphone in comparison with a full bodily keyboard, the observe observed.
Voting structures get Windows 7 reprieve

Windows 7 reaches “stop of existence” on Jan. 14, which means Microsoft will prevent providing loose patches to repair software vulnerabilities. But Microsoft will provide loose protection updates via the 2020 election for federally licensed balloting structures nevertheless walking Windows 7 software. The widespread majority of 10,000 election jurisdictions inside the United States use Windows 7 or older running systems to create ballots, software vote casting machines, and tally votes.

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