Scholastic India, publisher and distributor of kids’ e-book, hosted ‘Scholastic India Awards’ (SWA) these days. The Writing Awards targets to inspire college students from class 4 to 9 to use their writing talents and creativity.

The writings of the top 10 college students are published and released in the form of an e-book. The winners also were given a chance to attend a fully paid 2-day Scholastic Writing Residency workshop (with one parent) with choose authors to hone their writing competencies.

The -day residency workshop turned into organized by Scholastic India with creator C.G Salamander to educate the kids for developing super writing capabilities. CG Salamander is a famous kid’s author and comedian journalist. He’s currently running on an ebook about magic dogs. He has posted over 25 comics, guest-edited for publishing homes, and his quick fiction has been anthologized normally.

SWA has furnished a degree for all those school kids inclined in the direction of writing. The occasion is being organized every 12 months by using Scholastic India for the remaining 12 years to encourage creativity and foster the writing competencies of students. This award is the longest-walking and the maximum beneficiant reputation program for college students in India.

“By giving them a platform to publish their works, we inspire and motivate younger talent. We are developing the writers, artists, and leaders of the day after today,” said Neeraj Jain, Managing Director, Scholastic India.

Apart from the winner, the top 25 college students were given honor certificates at the side of the participation certificate for every player. The initiative is an excellent motivation for scholars to observe their ardor for writing.

In SCHOLASTIC WRITING AWARDS, 2019,seven-hundred+ schools participated in with5905 pupil registrations. The memories of Top 10 winners published in one ebook, that’s wonderful fulfillment for the students at such a small age.

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