There is an age-antique proverb in regulation circles that my mentor and companion continually ring a bell in my memory of – “regulation is a jealous mistress”. One needs to be prepared to prepare the regulation with persistence and diligence to end up a successful practitioner. Although the introduction of e-studies and online journals have aided the enterprise, it’s far definitely the education of regulation, and experience, that retain to mold legal professionals.

Sadly, the felony schooling system in India has didn’t contain this imaginative and prescient while framing their curricula and academic schedules. There is an out of place consciousness on attendance and classroom teaching, and there’s no emphasis on realistic mastering, wherein regulation students “practice” the law. Internships are the sole place in which college students get publicity into the professional practices and enterprise knowledge, with out which they will be left only with theoretical knowledge that is obsolete and now not applicable due to the quick-paced dynamism inside the felony enterprise.

Barring some pinnacle national law universities and authorities regulation colleges in metropolitan areas, most of the law colleges in our us of a frame an educational time table that results in law college students spending almost the entire a part of the year attending lectures, which they attend totally to comply with the attendance requirements mandated via the Bar Council of India and the respective university. With an insignificant three to 4 weeks as holiday time after each semester, students discover it difficult to relaxed internships at places of work, be it law firms or litigation chambers, as regulation offices can simplest entrust paintings with an intern who could be committed for an inexpensive length, consequently ensuing in a loss of valuable professional enjoy to regulation college students.

The end result of all this is the reluctance of the legal industry to recruit fresh regulation graduates from universities, apart from top universities, due to the lack of employability talents, professional information and enterprise practices. At gift, there may be a huge vacuum in the prison practice enterprise due to the dearth of practical understanding amongst regulation graduates.

The way forward is to introduce a curriculum and academic agenda this is accommodative of internships. Rather than cramming students with topics that are irrelevant to them in their expert pursuit, a list of fundamental and vital subjects that form the bottom for law exercise have to alone be made obligatory so that the route finishes properly earlier than the fourth yr, and a period of as a minimum 1. Five to 2 years is available to pursue a complete-time internship, that allows you to be part of the path curriculum for evaluation. This method has already been a fulfillment for different expert courses inclusive of chartered accountancy and corporate secretaryship.

The industry is thirsty for professional regulation graduates, and so are the regulation of college students for the possibility to analyze the regulation. The query is, whilst will the policymakers take a step to quench this thirst?

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