Meet Foodvisor, a startup that has constructed a cellular app that helps you log the entirety you devour with a purpose to lose weight, comply with a weight-reduction plan or get more healthy. You can upload facts by using capturing a photo of your plate before you consume it.

“We’ve spent a touch over years doing studies and improvement earlier than we launched the app in 2018 in France,” co-founder and CMO Aurore Tran told me. Foodvisor has raised $1.5 million to this point (€1.Four million).


The employer is the use of deep mastering to enable photograph reputation to detect what you’re about to consume. In addition to figuring out the type of meals, the app tries to estimate the load of every object.

Foodvisor attempts to evaluate the gap among your plate and your smartphone the use of camera autofocus information. It then calculates the vicinity of each food item. The company then attempts to extrapolate the quantity of each item relying on the type of meals.

And of course, if Foodvisor got something wrong, you may manually accurate it earlier than you log your meal. Many people surrender on vitamin trackers because it’s too disturbing. Foodvisor’s technology is all about making the information access procedure as seamless as viable.

After that, you get a list of vitamins information approximately what you simply ate — energy, proteins, carbs, fat, fibers, etc. You can then set a purpose, log activities and screen your development over the years.

The startup has controlled to draw 1.8 million app downloads already. It is available on iOS and Android in French, English, German and Spanish. “We have adjusted our product, we’ve enriched our database to higher target the American marketplace,” Tran stated.

It offers a top rate subscription for $5 to $10 in step with month. In addition to greater analysis and food plan plans, the principal characteristic of the top class plan is that you can chat with a registered dietitian/nutritionist directly inside the app. It turns out that synthetic intelligence can’t update real human nutritionists altogether.

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