The fourth version of Love School witnessed a memorable quit and found its winners in Sunny Cheema and Manpreet Kaur. In a one-of-a-kind candid communique with

TimesofIndia.Com, the couple spoke about their live-in dating, getting threatening messages from fanatics, all things love and lots more. By: Sukarno Mondal

Manpreet says, “We wanted to work on our relationship. We desired to peer if we could do that collectively. We didn’t take the opposition severely at first. We had a life outside Love School. Winning was in no way in our head. That got here slowly when we began triumphing the tasks.”

On the last day, the couple turned into approximately to end. While it changed into not on cam, Manpreet says, “I became now not preserving nicely and desired to depart on the last day. Sunny supported me saying not anything is above my health.” Sunny provides, “She was bedridden and we were positive that we wouldn’t be capable of carrying out but she took drug treatments and we finished.”

Sunny says, “We met at a party and Punjabi songs have been gambling. That’s where we interacted.” Manpreet adds, “I had seen him in advance and in no way preferred. He had a standard accessory and I hated it. But after the residence birthday party, we bonded over paranthas and our Punjabi historical past.”

Manpreet was in Goa and had asked Sunny to advise her in a unique manner. Sunny reveals, “She desired it to be one-of-a-kind and I mailed her.” And Manpreet’s roommate definitely permitted their courting and convinced her to say a ‘yes’ to Sunny. Manpreet provides, “My roommate was inspired to look his vintage-faculty fashion thought.”

The couple started living together quickly after professing their love for every other. They felt taking every other as a right. Sunny stated, “We had been collected continuously and things might have been higher for us had we not been in a live-in.” Manpreet adds, “After popping out of the house, we’ve conquered that and have learned to present every different area.” Sunny exhibits that he goes out of the residence to present her sometime when they fight, else they patch up over appropriate meals.

While Sunny’s parents have been definitely cool about their stay-in courting, Manpreet’s mother and father had no concept approximately it until the episode went on-air. For the uninitiated, in one of the tasks, the couples needed to make their dating reputable to their parents. Sunny says, “My dad and mom constantly supported the reality that it’s my life and I even have the liberty to choose my companion.” Manpreet differs, “Convincing my mother and father changed into a nightmare.”

Sunny has always been very vocal and open about Manpreet being his female friend. On the alternative hand, Manpreet is extra reserved and only her inner circle had the concept about their dating. Sunny says, “My mom knew about Manpreet being my female friend and I instructed her, ‘She might be your daughter-in-law’.”

“Fans now not most effective manual us and advise us about our relationship but now and again, in addition, they threaten us announcing, ‘isko mat chhodna’. (Don’t ever leave her) and things like that. Our enthusiasts used to combat with fans of different Love School couples,” stated Sunny. Manpreet adds, “People had been posting abusive language now not best for the couples however additionally their households. They commenced commenting on photos. It’s annoying for me.”

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